HIAL offers consulting in hydrology, water resources engineering and energy services, and product development. The firm’s engineering and earth sciences staff specializing in engineering hydrology, hydrogeology, estuarine and riverine hydraulics, fluvial geomorphology and stream, habitat restoration science and renewable energy provide expert technical service. We have also established relationships with a range of trusted partners who support us in allied disciplines including engineering, economics and environmental sciences. HIAL has also a team dedicated to innovation and water and energy related product/ and software development. Key aspect of the firm is our approach to strong knowledge transfer and capacity building elements.

Technical Studies, Assessments and Audits .

We conduct detailed technical studies and assessments ranging from baseline technical studies regarding groundwater, surface water and climate change impacts to feasibility studies for engineering interventions and developments in lacustrine, riverine and coastal environments. We cover the whole spectrum from measuring campaigns to data processing, analysis, engineering design and process modelling

Modelling and Programming.

We utilize the latest public domain modelling tools including SWAT, HEC-RAS, HEC-GeoRAS, HEC-HMS, HEC-GeoHMS, HEC-ResSim, WEAP, EPANET among other open tools. We also develop in-house PYTHON and R programming for customized modelling according to project needs. HIAL ensures maximum sustainability of the developed models and study results for our clients avoiding licensing issues while working with most up to date technologies. Fields of modelling expertise cover catchment hydrology, river hydrodynamics, groundwater, water quality, erosion, sediment transport, ecological modelling and climate change data downscaling.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Review .

Based on our experience covering a variety of water related projects we can provide strong monitoring, evaluation and review services in the institutional and engineering sector covering both project and/or institution related aspects. We utilize latest methodologies and structured approaches for M&E works.

GIS, Remote Sensing and Mapping .

With expertise in remote sensing, GIS, and data management, our specialists develop datasets and analyses that allow observation and understanding key features of the project. We gather and analyze geospatial and satellite Earth observation data to extract levels of information to highlight patterns and relationships useful for your project, such as terrain, land cover, the built environment, water resources, and sensitive habitats. HIAL is currently making use of the open source geospatial data management & analysis platform such as Google Earth Engine and the Open Data Cubes.

Project Management and Client Support .

We have experienced project managers, team players and team leaders who have worked on a variety of projects for different clients and donors. With our skills and experiences we ensure optimized project implementation within time and budget, fulfilling and exceeding our clients’ requirements. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to support both clients or contractors’ sides including aspects like BoQ development or tender support.

Training, Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer.

We carry out specialized training courses in our areas of expertise. Where applicable, we aim to include capacity building elements in our approaches in order to transfer knowledge and ownership to the users of our or jointly developed products. We use stakeholder involvement as well as counterpart participation approaches and actively focus on developing our partners.

Product Development.

Our engineering approach places users at the heart of the process, whether we are building core software systems, new mobile products or the latest virtual reality technology. This means we are rapidly building and showing users working software to validate ideas and assumptions. As we launch new ideas into the market we structure data collection approaches to ensure our ideas are performing as intended. If they’re not, the data helps us adjust and adapt.


  • Catchment Modelling – Modelling of hydrological catchments for the purposes of defining average and low-flow conditions, as well as the impact of land use change.
  • Flood Hydrology – Catchment delineation, flood peak and hydrograph estimates, using a variety of techniques, calculation of Environmental Water Requirements (EWRs) to assess potential utilization of streamflow.
  • Hydraulic (Flood Line) Modelling: Development and review of 1D, 2D and 1D/2D hydraulic models for fluvial, tidal and surface water flooding investigations, including flood-line delineation.
  • Water Supply Design and Modelling – HIAL offers a comprehensive range of water supply, design and distribution services in the following areas: pipelines, distribution systems and water main diversions, water main renewal, water network modelling and surge analysis
  • Spatial Analysis & Mapping – Providing custom tailored GIS analysis and mapping services utilizing spatial data, remote sensing information as well modelled or remodeled data products.
  • Storm Water Management – provides comprehensive and sustainable storm water management planning, design, control, and analysis solutions.
  • Sustainability & Environmental Consultancy – Provide comprehensive range of services to characterize, assess, quantify and manage relationship of development projects with the natural environment and to prepare for a changing climate.
  • Energy and Water Audits – HIAL provides greater energy and water efficiency solutions and cost savings and helps in demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.
  • Water Quality Monitoring – Water quality monitoring as per authorized or investigative monitoring programs including sampling, analysis and interpretation.
  • Groundwater Investigation – HIAL provides cost effective and sustainable work to clients and is responsible for making sure that we have enough groundwater, and that its quality is protected.