Current water challenges require new innovative solutions. Solutions that go beyond the traditional water resources and environmental engineering works. HIAL believes that smart use of information and communication technology (ICT) and big data can bring water management to the next level.

Waste Management .

Waste management solution software by HIAL is designed based on the insights of industry experts. It assists the organisations to implement best practices and meet the business goals. Achieve streamlined in-field and back-office operations to manage your crew. Complying with the legislation, environmental needs and recycling technologies, our solution adheres to maximise your returns with low total cost of ownership.

Utility Management .

HIAL’s utility management information system solution suite consists of applications for field workforce, the service platform for the effortless administration of requests and customer management channels. Premeditated to transform the water utility industry operations, our integrated information management system is a one-stop solution to maximize effectiveness and yield high revenues.

Drought Management .

HIAL platform harvests drought related information such as: rainfall, temperature, actual and potential evaporation, soil moisture, irrigation use, groundwater levels, dam volumes and river flows. The online platform also provides status of drought indicators and drought impact on water availability, water quality, salinity intrusion and ecosystem health.

Flood Management .

HIAL empowers decision makers for the smart management of fluvial and coastal floods before, during and after flood events. Personalized web based portal present enriched flood and weather data.

Water Quality Management .

The HIAL Water Quality Management Online DSS gives access in real-time water quality data and identifies locations with water quality issues. It also allows for Identification of water quality impacts such as salinity risks and provides insight in main pollution sources within your catchment. The platform further sends out automatic water quality alerts in case of a pollution and creates awareness through generated automated water quality reports for staff and stakeholders.

Water Resources Management .

HIAL delivers accurate, timely and reliable water and weather data as basis for evidence-based decision making. Smart water resource management information system empower clients in water resource allocation and distribution to the satisfisfaction of all uses and demands.